[Tony Moly]BCDATION ♡


Introducing TonyMoly new BCDATION.
Very confusing right?
This is an upgraded base make up for
BB cream,CC cream and Foundation.
Yes,lot of you still love bb cream’s natural coverage but not the greyish texture, cc cream lacks a little coverage, foundation is too thick.





Look at this light and moistful texture




Giving very natural and clean looking skin! 🙂


12 thoughts on “[Tony Moly]BCDATION ♡

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the review, I was looking for!

    Please can you tell me what color do you use the BCDation? I’ll buy one, but it’s a shame it takes a lot to get here in Brazil, hehehe!

    Also look for reviews of the line FACE MIX products, you have any? I already have the concealer stick that comes with sponge and I’m loving it! It has excellent coverage!

    Please do more reviews of Korean products! I love it! *-*

    Thank you! ^^~ ♥

    • hi hi! what she used in the post is #1. they have 2 shades, #1 (bright pink beige)/#2(natural beige). if you have fair complexion I recommend #1 🙂 if you want natural clean look #2! Sure i’m gonna look for best review of facemix today and post it later. thank you for reading our posts hehe let me know any if you want more reviews of any products! ♥

      • Hi! 🙂

        Thank you for answering me!

        I look forward to the review of the line of Tony Moly Face Mix when you can do it.

        Thank you! 🙂

  2. hiii.. it’s out of topic but what do you wear on your lips? it’s your natural lips or you wear something… if you wear something can i know the product? thank you

  3. Hello! I’m looking for a CC cream to try~ do you think this is worth buying then 🙂 the combination of CC, BB, and foundation is interesting!

    • Hi yes, it’s one of the most popular cc cream right now in Korea. but how is your skin type? this feels a bit matte. if you want moisturizing you can try other products like innisfree~

  4. wow. i don’t know that Tony Moly has this combination product..
    sounds interesting..
    could u tell me about the oil test? because i have heavy oily type T__T
    everyday, i wear combination BB cream (lioele triple the solution) and CC cream (nature republic CC cream color change. it only sticks to my face around 4 hours and most of my time is only in the office with AC.
    so, do u think is it ok for me to try this? fyi, i live in Indonesia, which is tropical country.
    thank you ^^

    • Hi 🙂 guess what, good news for you. tony moly bcdation gets matte after a while. it’s not very moisturizing type and has light application with high coverage. 🙂 i think this will suit you perfectly specially if you have oily skin.

  5. ah, need ur advice too..
    what BB cream, CC cream that suit for oily skin?
    and recently i’m interested about lip tint, which lip tint that has good coverage and for dry lips?
    thank you ^^

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