[Missha] Gumseol Finish Essence NEW


How are you doing with your skin treatment this winter? 🙂

This winter feels less cold. Maybe it’s only me who feels this way~

But this weather, the heat and wind is giving me super dry face.

Specially for those who have dry skin like me, we always try to keep moisture on our face…

Even if I apply a lot of moisturizer before leaving my home,

after an hour when I look in the mirror my skin looks so dull and my base make up is partially GONE and I can even see my white heads :((((

We all know that basic skin care is very important. We try to apply everything not knowing what to do…

Luckily, I discovered this product! A Super Brand NEW product and the latest in Korea!!!

Skin care to apply on your last step of make up?

I’m very used to starter skin care, booster, moisture primer…

but I was excited to check this product out. 🙂


Missha Herbal Line’s new product, which is finish essence!

After trying this product, now I know why finish essence is needed

and this product is a must needed one. ^ -^image

Using this product at the last step of basic skin care, (before applying make up) improves skin texture, glow and elasticity.

* Checking the ingredients : Fermented Red Ginseng (Which is great for anti aging), Gold extract, Sansam/Nokyong/Youngji (Korean famous oriental herbs).

When you pump this essence, you’ll get to see lot of sparkling Gold particles. image

Very soft texture, quick absorption.
PS. I love love this Gumseol herbal line. Toner,Emulsion and Essence is great as well. I tried small sample sachet, after using one time I went to the store and totally purchased the whole set ha ha. I’m not working for Missha. I have nothing to do w the make up companies. LOLimage

With no flash before & after

with flash before & after

giving silky firm skin 🙂imageWhat I loved about this product is that it’s light without the heavy feeling and…



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