[HERA] Magic Starter (Let your skin glow!)


This product is make up base & make up booster. You apply this after your skin care, before applying your make up on.

What does this product do? To give extra glowing look, healthy look with facial contour, apply this product.

silky texture, while moisturizing, and fix your skin tone. =)

If you apply this product before your CC Cream or Foundation, it will just look amazing! The secret glow of korean actress =)

Where to purchase at best deal? :HERA Magic Starter (SPF25,PA++) (No.2) Korean Beauty [Imported]


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An all-in-one hydrating base cream for best skin condition to makeup


– Moisturizes from deep inside of skin
– Micro fine glitter gives natural, soft sheen and luster
– 12-hour lasting effect keeps makeup longer than before
– Gives brighter looking skin tone

– Protects skin from sun  Spf 25

Where to purchase at best deal? : HERA Magic Starter (SPF25,PA++) (No.2) Korean Beauty [Imported]

COPY RIGHT : http://cafe.naver.com/cosmania/7975408, post by: happyjungu_u

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