Etude House – Look At My Eyes 3 Color Palette

Etude House released 3 eyeshadow trios this year under the name Look At My Eyes – Dolly 3 Step Eyes.

The colors from these shades can also be found in their regular Look At My Eyes eyeshadow singles and are listed on the packaging.

etudehouseeyecolorpaletteEach palette contains a sparkly shade, a light shimmery shade and a matte shade. They have also demonstrated a specific way of applying them. These eyeshadow trios are not marked as limited edition.

etude-3-step-dolly-eyes-eyeshadow-palette-1 etude-house-look-at-my-eyes-trio-palette-2 etude-look-at-my-dolly-3-step-eyes-paletteLOOK AT MY EYES 3 COLOR PALETTE
As you can see there are 3 palettes: #1: Something About, #2 Brunch Time and #3 Love Poten. All 3 are looking amazing! etudehouselookeyes etudehouseeyeshadow2 etudehouseeyeshadow

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