Art Deco Eyeshadow

1The incomparable variety of colors leaves nothing to be desired and fascinates with mat, shiny, soft or intensive shades. ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base prevents the eyeshadow from settling in and increases its durability.

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What attracted me to ArtDeco eyeshadows was a combination of factors:
1) their palette system – super small and travel-friendly palettes
2) packaging – you don’t need to depot them to put them on a palette and you can carry them as single eyeshadows too,
3) they don’t have a lot of product but still a good amount for the price
4) they have beautiful shades – lots of neutrals and great non-neutral but wearable colors, matte, satin or shimmery, some even a bit glittery, so there’s something for everyone. 5

They’re soft, blendable, pigmented and color choice is more than great

6 7 8



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