Etude House Face Conditioning Cream

CaptureBrand: Etude House
Name: Etude House Face Conditioning Cream
Color: White
Amount: 75mL
Actual Weight: 0.64oz/ 75g
Price on Cosmetic-Love: $16.23 USD (click here)
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The texture of the product is very creamy, silky and smooth. It’s lighter than a cream moisturizer but heavier than a gel one. The scent is very nice and reminds me of the Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer. It’s like a floral scent that’s not too over-whelming. I love it!
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[How to Use]
1. After skin care, apply an adequate amount of the conditioning cream to the face.
2. Use the palm of your hands to pat the cream in.
*For dry skin, apply after toner and essence.
*For oily skin, apply just after toner.
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– Decent amount of product
– Cute design
– Makes pores appear smaller
– Reduces redness and appearance of blemishes
-Makes application of foundation/bb cream/cc cream easier and more smooth
– Smells nice
-Tube gives good control of how much product comes out
-SPF 25+

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