Tony Moly: Luminous Live Aura CC Cream, Lip Master and Double Needs Mascara

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Today, I will be reviewing the Tony Moly Luminous Live Aura CC Cream which is totally different from the Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream.

FYI, the one that is more popular is the Pure Aura CC Cream and not this one.
Photos heavy ahead!

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Unlike the Pure Aura, this has a slight pink tint to it while the Pure Aura is white. However, both have capsules that pops and perfectly mixes up when blending to the skin. The Live Aura is for people with oily skin. 
Tony Moly claims that the Live Aura CC Cream:
7 in 1 All person smart cream, 
1) UV Protection, 2) Whitening, 3) Wrinkle, 4) Glow, 5) Moisture, 6) Primer, 7) Makeup Base
With SPF 30, PA++

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Look below you can see that it’s kinda shaped like a donuts there is a hole inside.
Plus if you look on the side it’s slanted giving a easier apply.


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