Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen on Face Light SPF 34 PA++

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Orbis do have various other sunscreens but this particular sunscreen is perfect for oily skin as it dries matte on the face and controls the oil extremely well! Infact, I can omit a makeup primer if I am using this for the day.

It is a very liquified runny tinted (it does not have much coverage except that it helps to even out your skin tone) liquid that dries pretty quickly so do work in small areas else, it will be patchy.

I do like this sunscreen especially on my oily skin though I really wish the SPF was slightly higher than 34. Though the brand does have sunscreens with a higher SPF but I have read that this UV Cut Light is the best formula for oily skins.

Have you tried other Orbis Sunscreens? Share your thoughts about them with me!

THE ORIGINAL REVIEW AT: http://lizy.kr/150188366857

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