REVIEW : 3CE Triple Shadow

3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow


3 Concept Eyes Triple Shadow is a pearlescent and pigmented set of eyeshadows designed to be layered with each other, to create gorgeous, feminine looks. Each trio is color-matched, containing a highlight shade, all-over base shade and a darker shade for contouring or lining. Silky soft texture resists falling out, creasing and lasts for the entire day. Available in 5 glowing color sets:

  • Tintin: match this soft pink and apricot beige base color with pinkish brown, to create a lovely sweet look
  • Lemme See: a warm purple color variation for mystical eye makeup
  • More Brown: neutral brown color variation, classy and perfect for all occasions
  • Body to Body: romantic color variation featuring rose gold shadows to give an innocent look
  • Nonono: sultry bordeaux wine color variation matched with neutral beiges to create beautiful, sensible makeup

Made by StyleNANDA Korea.

2 3 4 5 6


tripleeyeshadow-tintin-3tripleeyeshadow-tintin-2Lemme See

3333a 44 44a

55 55a 55b 55c 662


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