Jaminkyung Crema Caracol Snail Cream Review

crema caracolWhat

  • A snail cream.
  • Have you ever seen a snail crawling over a sharp razor blade? They can move freely on sharp objects due to their mucus and they can cure themselves by secreting mucin.
  • When snails move, they secrete sticky mucus in order for them to move flexibly. This mucus is called mucin. Snails are sensitive to external temperature and humidity, so they secrete mucin to protect their body from desiccation.
  • This snail cream intensively provides a surge of moisture and nutrition for skin.
  • It protects skin. Mucin covers skin moistly to restore damaged skin and to protect the skin from external environment.
  • It’s hypo-allergenic and smoothing skin texture. Hypo-allergenic is good for sensitive and troubled skin. It is excellent in making the skin texture smooth and glossy.
  • It tightens the skin. Active ingredients such as EGF, caviar extract, lanolin, and natural ingredients such as macadamia oil and rice extract provide nutrient on skin for better tightness.

crema21 2Main Ingredients

Snail Mucus Extract 90%, EGF, Caviar Extract, Lanolin, Macadamia Oil, Rice Extract.

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