InnisFree New Green Tea Seed Serum

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“This is a moisturizing and nourishing serum with Jeju’s chemical-free green tea seeds that make your skin moist and clean. In a place where there is no water circulation, the green tea seeds do not sprout out but spread their roots into deeper ground to pump up the purist water. For that reason, green tea seeds are called ‘moisture seeds’. Highly enriched green tea seeds even pull the moisture out on the skin to keep clear and moist skin.9 10The Green Tea Seed line is one of Innisfree’s most famous line and I personally have been using their serum for sometime now. But I don’t actually own anymore products from that line, until I purchase this!

As the weather cooling up, the daily moisturizer I used everyday is not enough to protect my skin against Busan’s super strong drying winds. And the moisturizer I have is too sticky and too creamy to use during the day 11 12 13



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