3CE Creamy Lip Color Review : Got a Perfect Color for Spring

 Back again with the scent of spring! For the sake of new season, a pink lipstick is desperately needed. Today’s pick of Nanda Wears is 3 Concept Eyes’ creamy lip color.

1 23CE’s lipstics has been famous for vivid coloring.  Keeping its colors, the creamy lip colors are specialized in moisturizing. Due to Argan oil and Cupuacu butter which are 20% of the lipsticks’ components,  it is so smooth to put on. 3 4Though all colors entice me,  pinky ones seems to be

#6 Jazzy Pink,

#8 Ladi Dadi,

#10 Roller Coaster

#12 Me! Me!.

 Since my lip color is too nudy, I would like to choose #8 Ladi Dadi. Isn’t it lovely to call its name? :)

5 6

I found some photos of a blogger, Lovely Dayz, to see its real color.

Maybe the color would be more of hot pink rather than coral one shown as the official website of stylenanda.

7 8 9

Most of the reviews applaud for its vivid & glossy color and melting texture with a reasonable price. (It’s only $21!!) The only weakness mentioned is that the color easily leave marks on a cup because the texture is too soft.  However, a disadvantage seems to be trivial due to many advantages.

Moreover, there are various colors for different mood for the season.

102014 S/S beauty trend is one-point make up; a vivid lip color and nude skin. Now it’s time to enjoy this spring with 3CE’s gorgeous creamy lip colors! 11


One thought on “3CE Creamy Lip Color Review : Got a Perfect Color for Spring

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