Sulwhasoo Essential Balm (for eye, dry & rough areas, lips. etc)

Sulwhasoo is Korea’s No.1 Holistic Luxury Skincare brand

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Apply onto wrinkle areas or it’s always the best to prevent before fine wrinkles appear 🙂

Experience Sulwhasoo’s holistic beauty, from body to hair, with this multi-purpose balm

A soothing balm to use on dry, chapped skin, smoothing away dead skin

Safflower extract nourishes skin damaged by cold and wind, activating skin turnover to clear away dead skin cells.

A multi-purpose balm with a refreshing texture and without excess residue

Glides onto skin smoothly without leaving excess product on the skin, for a refreshing and moisturizing finish.

Delivers moisture with Safflower extract

Nutrient-rich and highly moisturizing Safflower oil quickly penetrates the skin to deliver nutrients while leaving it moisturized and glowing.

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I try to apply almost everywhere cause it’s so hydrating LOL

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Tip. Apply after using moisturizer for higher hydrating effect! 🙂

Where to purchase? : Amore Pacific Sulwhasoo Essential Balm 15g Skin Care Moisturizers Hydrated Skin

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