ETUDE HOUSE Real Powder cushion

Summer make up starts! It’s super hot in Korea right now.

I received a text message from ETUDE HOUSE that they are on BIG SUMMER SALE

so I rushed and checked out what was NEW.

BTW, I do Korean make up translations so I am very used to reading ingredients,

recently Korea has tons of tons of make up brands so I always prefer

good ingredient make up with good effect!

I don’t use much products from ETUDE HOUSE cause of ingredients, but surprisingly

this powder cushion has one or two harmful ingredients, that means it’s a good quality make up.  I tried the tester, coverage was high, powdery finish and it made my skin look bright. So decided to get them!

I got the lightest shade No.21

It has slim case,

sponge and foundation as usual,

Now the testing shot,

marked eyebrow pencil and lip crayon

after patting few times.

yes, the coverage is pretty high.

so those who want high coverage yet, light fit

with matte finish, definitely recommend!


Final review :

Ideal for oily skin since it has matte finish, but I have dry skin,

sometimes I go for matte finish too

non-darkening even after few hours,

high SPF 50

I have very yellowish skin but after applying this it makes my skin look fairer LOL

Purchase from here! : [ETUDE HOUSE] Real Powder Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ 14g/ Light Beige


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