Hera Cell Essence


Hello guys! 🙂 Today I am showing you one of my favorite skin care routine to keep my skin hydrated!

It’s the famous HERA CELL ESSENCE

Yes it’s kind of expensive but worth it.



This is how it looks, btw they have so many good deals on online but you have to make sure of expiration date!


Texture is rich essence like, it’s watery but feels little heavy! That’s super hydrating

So here is the Tip on how to use them.

Day care : After face wash in the morning use it as a first step skin care(like a toner) or essence. It makes real big difference before using moisturizer/lotion.

Impurities / dead skin care : Wet cotton and wipe out skin. (Impurities and dead skin reduces.)

Special pack : Wet cotton with rich amount and leave it on the skin for 10-15 minutes. (pat for absorption after)

Outdoor activities : When your under  air conditioner or heater, or when you feel like hydrating, use an spray container to spray onto face like a mist! I spray about 10 times a day LOL



Btw, I am using the New Version of Hera Cell Essence 🙂 Hope this review was helpful.


How to purchase at Best deal? : Hera Cell Essence (150ml/ All Skin) + Free Hera Cleansing Simple Set


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